Hamsoa OC is located in Buena Park, Orange County, California,  U.S.A. With the treatment experience at Seocho Hamsoa  in Korea, We will provide a good care to the children and their family. Hamsoa is known as Korean medicine clinic specialized in children's growth, rhinitis, allergy, cold, digestive system problems, etc. We also treat adult patients with digestive, gynecological problems and pain through clinical experiences in Korea. We will always make our best efforts to provide your family with the best medical service.

History of Representative Director,

Sunyoung Chung

(Current) Hamsoa OC clinic Representative Director

  - Treatment for children and adults.  

(Former) Seocho Hamsoa clinic Director

  - Treatments specialized for children (growth, rhinitis, allergy, etc.)

(Former) Kangnam Myeongin Korean medicine clinic Director

 - Treatments for women's diseases and pain.  

(Former) Life Maru Korean medicine clinic Bundang branch director

  - Treatments for specialized in traffic accident after-effects and pain.

(Former) Weedahm Korean medicine clinic Seoul Branch director

  - Treatments for specialized in chronic digestive disorders.

Graduated from Dongguk University (Korea), Korean Medicine

Graduated from Seoul National University, Natural Sciences


Address & Contact

5832 Beach Blvd #207, Buena Park, CA 90621

T : 714-228-0077​


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​ 5832 Beach Blvd #207, Buena Park, CA 90621

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