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The Basics of Growth? Start from the Beginning!

The cause, environment and constitution of height are all different. Can the same medicine and program increase the height? In Hamsoa clinic, 1: 1 customized program and herbal medicines will help your child develop the foundation for perfect growth. Customized herbal medicine according to the constitution of the child helps the growth of your child. Meet the differentiated growth treatment programs of Hamsoa clinic including acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, massage, exercise therapy.


Rhinitis, the use of indiscriminate antibiotics, and antihistamines decrease nasal mucosa function.

The anatomical structures of nasal mucosa and sinus were not completed in children. And their weak function makes it easy to get frequent colds and rhinitis symptoms. The indiscriminate use of antibiotics or antihistamines causes problems that reduce mucous membrane function of the nose and immune function. At Hamsoa OC clinic, meet with natural herbal medicine without antibiotics and professional treatment program.


Cold, It's not mild disease!

The growth stops for two weeks while the body is fighting the cold. When your child get a cold frequently, it is easy to suffer from complications such as otitis, rhinitis and bronchitis. Therefore, do not take the cold lightly, help your child to spend a healthy winter by boosting his/her immunity through the Hamsoa's systematic program. 


Middle ear infection(Otitis), It takes 9 out of 10 kids!!

Middle ear infection is a disease caused by viruses or bacteria that have been reproduced in the nose and throat through a tube connected to the ear, resulting in inflammation inside the ear. In particular, 90 percent of children between the ages of 0 and 3 are common enough to experience. Unlike adults, children have short and flat ejaculations that connect the nose and ears, so the inflammation of the cold or rhinitis can easily be transmitted to ears.


Winter! It is the season that Atopy(Eczema) is getting worse.

Winter is the time to save energy. If the skin does not breath properly, it becomes more difficult to accumulate heat and waste. If the cold and dry winds and the heating added, healthy skin will dry out and get hurt. If your child usually has atopic symptoms, the vicious circle of the skin symptom is more likely to become worse since the skin barrier is lost and the amount of water loss is high.


Your child has a bad appetite? Check the list below

  • In case that your child does not eat rice and fills his/her stomach with junk food. 

  • In case that your child does not eat  so that you have to follow and feed him/her.

  • In case that your child eats only one spoon and say he/she is full. 

  • In case that your child spit it out when he/she eats the  food that does not like. 

  • In case that it takes more than 30 minutes that your child eat  a meal.


The baby's sleep, That's why it matters!!

When it's time to grow up, If your child can not sleep, his/her growth and brain development will not work properly, or his/her immune system will weaken and he/she will have a lot of difficulties in daily life. If your child does not have enough sleep time between the ages of 3 and 7, it increases the risk of not being able to cope with concentration, emotion regulation, and peer relationships.

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