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We have secured the best medicinal herbs through medicines management system.

We are continuing our efforts to find optimal drug efficacy.


The People Behind the Scenes

#한약,#herb, #함소아,#hamsoa

​"As a professional Korean medicine pharmacist, I can not neglect my efforts in managing and preparing Korean herbal medicine because children eat the medicine that I made."

Youngsung Han - Korean medicine pharmacist

"For 15 years in Hamsoa,

I have been working with the mission of Korean herbal medicine to keep children healthy."

​ Hyunsook Lee - manager

#한약,#herb, #함소아,#hamsoa
#한약,#herb, #함소아,#hamsoa

​"My child also takes the herbal medicine I make, so I put in just as much effort for the other children's too. I refuse to take the process of making herbal medicine lightly. After all, herbal medicine was the gift that was given for life before western medicine."

 Byungwook Park - Korean herbal medicine pharmacist

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