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Many research has shown that herbal medicines can assist in obtaining pregnancy.

1) Enhance ovarian function

In order to increase the success rate of in-vitro fertilization, first, you should make a good embryo. Generally, older women are more prone to having problems with ovulation or chromosomal anomalies when fertilized.  Also, with age, endometriosis, ovarian recurrence, inflammation of the fallopian tube, and genetic problems often weaken the function of ovaries. For these women, the herbal treatment that enhances the function of the ovaries should be given priority in order to increase the probability of in vitro fertilization.​

2) Ovarian Stimulus Syndrome

In general, symptoms such as swelling or bloating in the stomach, excess abdominal fluid, and urine loss occur. These symptoms can make it impossible for the embryo to be transplanted. These symptoms can make it impossible to implant the embryo, prevent the condition of the body to maintain the pregnancy, and even after the pregnancy has succeeded, they become worse by the pregnancy hormone. Many papers have shown that the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment reduces ovarian stimulation syndrome.

3) Health recovery after the test tube treatment 

The superovulation process, in which a large number of ovaries are released through in vitro procedures, is the procedure with the greatest discomfort that the mother receives.  Occasionally, not only during the procedure but also after the end of the procedure, abdominal discomfort, digestive problems, difficulty breathing, swelling and other symptoms often occur. Recently, it has been proven through numerous articles that the combined treatment of oriental medicine reduces the side effects of in vitro procedures.

4) Preparation for artificial insemination

In order for artificial insemination to be successful, various environments must be created. For example, it is important that the spermatozoon reach the fallopian tubes well and that the fertilized eggs are well placed on the endometrium to increase the implantation rate. It has been proved through numerous papers that it is effective to combine oriental medicine treatment in preparation for artificial insemination.

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Climacteric Disease

Climacteric disease is a hormonal imbalance in the body because of the lowering of estrogen and progesterone, which are female hormones, as ovarian function is lowered as a woman gets older. Symptoms of Climacteric symptoms are very diverse, usually with poor circulation and problems with autonomic control, such as facial flushing, poor circulation, excitement, palpitation, arrhythmia, and swelling. It can also cause back pain, arthralgia, muscle aches and headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and tinnitus. To treat symptoms of climacteric disease, some women are given hormone directly, Hamsoa OC  acupuncture offers more basic herbal medicine treatment to eliminate the side effects that can occur when the female hormone is administered directly.  Share "She's acupuncture" Herbal Medicine Prescription in Korea to relieve menopausal symptoms more effectively with safe and excellent herbal medicine. Come to the Hamsoa  OC acupuncture  to treat the climacteric symptoms and enjoy a healthy life. 

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​Menstrual pain

Menstrual pain are common enough to experience menstrual pain in 50% of menstruating women. The characteristics of the menstrual pain are painful to feel a squeeze, not only in the abdomen, but also feel pain in the back and legs, and the reddened red blood clots may also appear.  In order to treat menstrual pain, it is necessary to first remove the wastes by discharging the wastes in the uterus.  The waste is ejaculated by blood circulation around the uterus with the help of a herbal medicine, and poor circulation is improved by removing the cold and humid aura.  If acupuncture treatment and moxibustion treatment are performed at the same time, blood circulation can be improved more quickly. In recent years, acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments have proved effective for menstrual pain through numerous articles, the HAMSOA OC clinic effectively treats the removal of menstrual pain based on the above articles.


Detox Diet with Dew Herbal  Medicine

At the HAMSOA OC clinic, we are helping you to lose weight in a healthy way by using dew herbal medicine of SHE'S Acupuncture clinic, a famous clinic for diet.  Dew herbal medicine helps the following people. 1)  A person who does not like the taste of herbal medicine  2)  Women who are tired and unable to exercise   3) women who want to lose weight but have a lot of work to do.  Many people have already succeeded in diet with dew herbal medicines and, unlike traditional herbal medicine, dew herbal medicine is transparent and sweet, so you can eat without hesitation.  When you take dew herbal medicine, toxin is released in the body and the wastes accumulated in digestive organs have been discharged and made clean.  If you take probiotics together, the bowels will become strong and healthy. In addition, we will manage to prevent yo-yo phenomenon as much as possible by thorough post-management.

* SHE'S acupuncture clinic, famous for gynecology and diet, is  a member of the HAMSOA family clinic . 

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