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It can help your child improve their immune system and improve their fatigue at this time of growth, and your child's immune system, minced in Hongki Tongki Plus green, is a well-drawn blueprint.

- Six-year-old red ginseng (main ingredient)

- Medicinal herbs

- Fructo oligosaccharide

- Asai Berry Powder

- lactobacillus hydrolysis

- Zinc, calcium, vitamin D, K, C, B1, L-Arginine, L-Licin, DHAA

Hongki Tongki Plus Blue

SKU: 0004
    • immune enhancement
    • improvement in fatigue
    • Improved blood flow through platelet clotting inhibition
    • memory improvement
    • May help antioxidant
    1. Take one pack once a day
    2. Check the ingredients for your allergies before eating them
    3. Raw material may cause sedimentation, but it is not caused by degeneration, so take it with confidence.
    4. Be careful about your intake when you take medicine (diuretics, blood anticoagulants).
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